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“I have suffered from work related upper back problems for several years. I have seen many osteopaths, but only after seeing Xerxes have I actually experienced relief from my symptoms. The service you receive is personal and thorough. He is meticulous in his history taking and offers tailored advice for your problem. Xerxes has a very good understanding of the body and is therefore able to provide detailed diagnoses and always explains the problem in a way that is easy to understand. Xerxes is very professional, yet has a caring and friendly approach. I wish I had been to see him from the beginning!”

Neha Patel BDS(Lond), MJDF Dentist

“I have been coming to see Xerxes every few months over the last eight years.
I work in a very pressured media environment and do a lot of work at a keyboard. The result has been repeated problems in my shoulders and neck leading to recurrent migraines and headaches. On every occasion Xerxes’ careful and attentive treatment has eased the symptoms. His understanding of the body and how the muscles and bones respond to stress is remarkable — skilled and intuitive. The result is a rare practitioner: someone who is completely focussed on how to heal. He gives lots of helpful advice if needed on ways to look after your health. And all this professionalism is accompanied by a relaxed friendly informality which is perfect for those anxious about visiting an osteopath for the first time.
I have recommended Xerxes to friends and family many times”

Madeleine Bunting, columnist and author at Guardian Group

“Xerxes is amazing!
I have known Xerxes for 7 years and prior to that I have tried different osteopathy clinics at Harley street, etc…
My back had felt locked up for years but after just few treatments from Xerxes i could feel it starting to move again. It has got progressively better each session.
I can book an appointment at short notice and I feel very confident every time I see Xerxes, I would recommend him to anyone.

Thank you Xerxes!!”

Elena Simmons, gallery assistant

“I had been meaning to come for a preventative osteopathy session when my back decided to prompt me into action by freezing up completely. I’ve been coming to see Xerxes for over 5 years on and off since I met him at a Barts and the London wellness day. I often turn up in pain and at my wits end and this recent time was no exception. After a warm and reassuring assessment and treatment I left alot more comfortable and happy. The treatment corrected all the stiffness and immobility and within 48 hours I could touch my toes again. Hooray!

I would recommend City Clinic to everyone. Xerxes is professional as well as being caring and you leave reassured that your pains will quickly fade and flexibility will be restored.”

Ruth Keel, nurse

“Thank you so much for seeing me at such short notice today — you were efficient and very effective at treating my neck which had been so painful for so long! It was the right balance between manipulation and massage and I feel so much better — I can actually move my neck again!”

Olivia Bishop, teacher

“Dear Xerxes,
I came to see you a few weeks ago and just wanted to say that your treatment has worked wonders! I haven’t had any back pain since, which is incredible. I had an excruciating pain under my shoulder blade before the session which has completely gone since. Thank you so much, if I get any more back pain I will certainly come straight back to you!”

Helen Couchman, solicitor

“In today’s news medics talk about the waste of GP consultations as they are considered being too trivial. Back pain seems to be one of the trivial diseases. I wish my case had been trivial. I therefore want to thank you for all the help and support you gave me on more than one level over the past years. Starting with a blocked iliosacral joint, cervical and thoracic symptoms I can say that my chronic symptoms did improve significantly due to your professional help and input as an osteopath. I also want to thank you for your patience and kindness. These are rare qualities. As I improved a lot I am now seeing you less often and I am finally capable of coping with the exercises as you suggested. Thanks again Xerxes.”

Dr. Eva Buchin, retired GP

“I presented to Xerxes with excruciating pain in my right shoulder, and significant loss of mobility, associated with carrying and handling my firstborn. After just one treatment session the pain had begun to ease and my mobility had started to return. Over subsequent sessions further improvements were both subjectively felt and objectively observed, until I reached the point where I had to remind myself which was the affected shoulder! I am absolutely delighted and now continue with ‘MOT’ appointments to top me up and maintain these gains and I thoroughly enjoy these sessions. I have recently had another baby and have not had any shoulder problems.

Xerxes exudes warmth, compassion, and integrity, and has a true healing presence. He has always been very accommodating of my childcare demands and is very flexible with my appointment times.”

Sarah-Jane Mckenzie, housewife

“I cannot thank you enough today, for seeing me at short notice yesterday! I woke up today a new person who sprang out of bed, sang to my ipod and am so encouraged to recuperate my back/leg pain through the exercises you showed me. I was in agony and forgot this feeling of peace. Thank you so much.”

Michele Gawinowicz, secretary

“I came in a few weeks back with a bad knee from cricket and I just wanted to let you know that within a few days it was as right as rain and I just went for my first run at the weekend and am back to playing cricket! So, many thanks for your expertise!”

Jonathan Campbell, lawyer

“Following 4 years of recurring and debilitating chronic lower back pain I was desperate, specialists, physiotherapy, self cures, medication… nothing was working and my back pain had deteriorated into a burden that affected every part of daily life. Then I came across Xerxes and my life changed immediately; after a couple of sessions I had begun to regain movement and pain was decreasing. After a few more I am now back to normal and can do all the sports and activities that my back pain had prohibited for so many years. Xerxes enabled me to regain my life after so many others had failed, that is priceless.”

Alessandro Rabbiosi, consultant

“I arrived at City Clinic in a bad mood, with a stiff neck and aching back after too many hours sitting at my desk. I left an hour later feeling like a different person — relaxed, happy and de-stressed, and I have been a lot more comfortable at work ever since. I cannot recommend Xerxes highly enough — not only is he professional, knowledgeable and passionate about his work, but he is also very personable and empathetic. Wish I could go every day — it’s a great way to unwind after work.”

Helen Venables, IT professional

“Xerxes is one of the best osteopaths I have been to. He can relieve a problem in one or two sessions. Where as another osteopath might take several visits. Highly recommended!”

Juliet McKoen, filmmaker & screenwriter

“As soon as I stepped into the clinic I felt good energy. I wasn’t disappointed, Xerxes is a very accomplished osteopath with additional qualities that shine through him: a passionate commitment, clear explainations that de-mystify what’s going on in your body, an intuitive and immediate recognition of the problem, and an effective application of treatment. He is a natural healer. Since I moved home I searched long and hard for my new osteopath, I’ve found him!”

Lorraine Humm, creative director, Divine Creations

“I have recommended Xerxes to a number of colleagues, safe in the knowledge that he is the most effective of all the osteopaths I have visited. All have been as satisfied as I have been.
Where I have often required 2-3 treatments to sort a problem at other establishments, Xerxes has nailed the problem in a single session. Of note has been his effectiveness treating a deeply embedded rotator-cuff injury, which is outside the normal sphere of osteopathy.”

Andrew Drummond, software engineer

“After more that 16 years of continued pain and a reduced quality of life, at last after one session the pain was removed and the spectrum of day to day activities greatly extended.”

Tony Willis, IT director

“I limped along to the City Clinic clueless about osteopathy and was ‘cured’ within a couple of days. It’s run so efficiently I never have to wait days for an appointment and I even look forward to my ‘MOT’ check-ups!”

Laura Williams, personal trainer

“Osteopathy is a Godsend for me. I would be disabled without it.”

Judith Davallou, chef

“I was barely able to stand or walk the back pain was so bad. I was amazed to be back to normal within a few days.”

Kerstin Hohnhorst, personal assistant

“My back pain was so bad it even hurt to breathe. I was fine after one treatment.”

Serif Iyikan, director

“I was amazed at how much difference just one treatment made. The treatment and follow up advice I received was extremely beneficial and has helped me to control the pain during the daytime at work and whilst riding at the weekends.”

Penny Wooles, insurance broker

“I can testify that Osteopathy and post treatment advice has really helped me, I no longer have to suffer in silence.”

Sylvester Jaiyeola, technical analyst

“My right knee was painful for two months before I went to the City Clinic. I was dramatically better after two treatments with the osteopath.”

Douglas Knight, lecturer